(Post-)Yugoslav History, Society and Culture

Workshop for Networking and Exchange: 30 September 2022, 9:30-16:00


Workshop for Networking and Exchange

This one-day workshop will bring together scholars from various disciplines and institutions who are based in Vienna and research different aspects of Yugoslav or (Post-)Yugoslav contemporary history, society and culture.

The program will start out with an opening session including inputs from Elissa Helms (Central European University), Miranda Jakiša (University of Vienna) and Ljiljana Radonić (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and a discussion on their remarks.

Over the course of the workshop participants will have the chance to briefly present their own research and learn about other ongoing projects through presentations and discussions in smaller groups and to explore potential for future cooperation.

A more detailed program including research abstracts and bios was circulated among the registered participants.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us under: yugoslav.history.thks@univie.ac.at


Date and Venue

30.09.2022, 9:30-16:00, University of Vienna, Kolingasse 14-16, 1090 Wien, Seminar room 17



9:30-11:00 Opening Inputs and Discussion

Elissa Helms (Central European University): Reflections from Anthropology: Gatekeeping Concepts, Positionality, and Global Inequalities in Studies of the Yugoslav Space Since the 1990s

Miranda Jakiša (University of Vienna): South Slavic Vienna: Visibility and Presence of the South Slavic in Present Day Vienna

Ljiljana Radonić (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Memorial Museums in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina: Confronting World War II and the 1990s Wars

Coffee Break

11:30-12:30 Session 1: Group work ― Introductions

Lunch Break

13:30-14:30 Session 2: Group work ― Identifying commonalities

Coffee Break

15:00-16:00 Plenary session: Closing Discussion and Outlook


Target group

The workshop aims to primarily connect Vienna-based scholars of all career levels from different universities and other academic or research institutions in the city, who focus their research on Yugoslav or (Post-)Yugoslav history, society and culture. However, scholars who are not currently based in Vienna but would still like to participate are of course welcome to join as well.



Julia Anna Schranz (Faculty Center for Transdisciplinary Historical and Cultural Studies): julia.anna.schranz@univie.ac.at

Ivan Nikolovski (Yugo-Region Research Group, Central European University)

Bild: Knjižara Mi, 1070 Wien © FakZen THKS