Historical Transregional Studies

Historical Transregional Studies are dedicated to historical questions based on a relational concept of space. Spaces are conceived in terms of their shifting boundaries, overlapping, and their mobile constitution. Historical transregionality considers three aspects in particular: first, the conception of classic spaces such as urban and rural as relational and historical, second, mobility and interdependence, thus the construction of spaces via transgression and, third, situated realms which are commonly perceived as supra-spatial such as knowledge and science.


Historical Transregional Studies is significantly involved in the two international research networks Political Epistemologies of Central and Eastern Europe (PECEE) and Work - Love - Violence Rural Societies and New Research Perspectives as well as in several fields of research at the University of Vienna (Economy and Society from a Historical and Cultural Studies Perspective, Women's and Gender History, History of Human Rights and Democracy, History of Science - Knowledge Cultures - Knowledge Societies). We cooperate with the first research network Regionalities in St. Pölten.