Chair of Public History

The past, and references to it, are always present: in the monuments we walk by, the books we read and the landscapes we feel a part of. Here at the study group for Public History at the University of Vienna, we research, teach, and publish on two components of public history: how the past is or has been mobilized, by whom and to what end, and these past-related identity discourses themselves in their material, mediatized and functional manifestations.





Image credits:

Wolfgang Glock, Heldenberg Kaiserallee, marked as public domain, details at Wikimedia Commons


Chair: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Marko Demantowsky

University Assistant (post doc): Dr. Barbara Pavlek Löbl, MMag.a

University Assistant (pre doc): Klara Valentina Fritz, MA

Associated Researcher (2023-24): Na Li, PhD

Student Assistant:
Iman Elghonemi, BA, Dennis Klut, BA

Doctorates in progress and completed: Overview

Traineeship for Digital Public History:
Lena Letzing (03-06/2024), Emily Stüber (10/2023-01/2024), Josephine Engelmeier (03-06/2023), Iman Elghonemi (10/2022–01/2023)

Administrative Assistant: Mag.a Johanna Fally


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