Julia Anna Schranz BA BA MA

University assistant, prae-doc


Julia Anna Schranz is a historian, PhD candidate, and university assistant at the Center for Transdisciplinary Historical and Cultural Studies. She studied History and International Development at the University of Vienna and spent a semester abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. For her master’s thesis, she conducted an oral history project in the field of Austrian asylum history since 1945. As research assistant at the project “The Youth in the Balkans and their Cultures of Communication, Non-Communication, and their Notions of Reconciliation” at the Department of Contemporary History at the University of Vienna, she analyzed historical narratives and cultures of remembrance among young people in South-Eastern Europe.

In her current dissertation project, Julia Anna Schranz analyzes the life stories of Yugoslav labor migrants in Austria and how their transregional practices were disrupted and transformed during the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the wars of the 1990s. As a fellow of the Vienna Doctoral School of Historical and Cultural Studies, she is active in the school’s “Economic and Social Spaces” research cluster.



Research interests:

Oral History as a method of contemporary history

Austrian asylum and migration history since 1945

Transregional rural history

Historical narratives and cultures of remembrance in South-Eastern Europe


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