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The public engagement with history has a history of its own and is itself continuously generating new histories which impact the world around us and whose origins generally remain both unrecognized and unquestioned. In this new annual lecture series of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, we deliberately address a public that is not exclusively academic as we endeavour to invite writers and thinkers who, through their work, have proven time and again how mundane and, at the same time, how significant these histories of history are, and how invisible they tend to remain in our lives.

Our mission is to give a platform to individuals who are unafraid of crossing borders between scholarly research and poetry, science and literature, freelance work and academic office. Once a year, each fall, we invite them to join us in the Main Ceremonial Hall at Vienna University.

This lecture series aims to transcend the disciplinary boundaries of the historical-cultural studies, both internally and externally. It is an invitation to a joint public discussion and reflection for all interested participants.

Our speakers will be provided with ample time to give an extensive lecture. All lectures will be recorded and made available. The lecture texts will subsequently be translated and published in both English and German in a monographic series.





Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies  and the Chair of Public History

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Vienna Public History Lectures

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