“Who’s the Conspiracy Theorist? Not I:”

Method, Evidence, and the Unknown in Alternative Research Communities


Lecturer: Yvonne M. Eadon (Center for Critical Internet Inquiry, UCLA)

When and Where? 09.12.2021, 18:30-20:00 online via zoom.

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This talk will look at researchers who work within three alternative research communities (UFO Studies and the 1947 crash at Roswell, New Mexico, the Missing 411 Phenomenon, and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy), their research methods, how they interact with and trust different kinds of evidence and resources, and how the cope with, and theorize about, the unknown.


Yvonne M. Eadon (she/her), MLIS, is a doctoral candidate in Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research exists at the intersection of conspiracy theory scholarship, information seeking and behavior, online misinformation/ disinformation, and archival studies.