Dr.in Na Li, MA

Associated Researcher (2023-24)

Chair of Public History

Na Li is a public historian and urban planning scholar. Her research focuses on public history and urban preservation. During her decade-long work in China, Na Li has pioneered the field of public history in China. She was appointed Research Fellow/Professor at Department of History, Zhejiang University (2017- 2022), and the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, Chongqing University (2012-2017). She is Founding Editor for Public History: A National Journal of Public History (《公众史学》).

She contributes to a better understanding of public history at a global scale. She served on the Board of Directors for the National Council on Public History in the US (2017-2020), as International Affiliate of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling at Concordia University in Canada (2011-2021), and as Associate of Australian Centre for Public History, University of Technology Sydney (2014-).

She has written three books, Kensington Market: Collective Memory, Public History, and Toronto’s Urban Landscape (University of Toronto Press, 2015), Public History: A Critical Introduction (Peking University Press, 2019), and Seeing History: Public History in China (De Gruyter, 2023).

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